• Buy Rockstar Lures

    Want to buy some Rockstar Lures? Just ask! Let me know what size/colour/pattern you want and what you’ll be fishing for and I’ll take care of the rest. [email protected]

  • The Mother of All Lures

    This beautiful big mamma (aka The Josh) measures and unadulterated 12+ inches and is built especially for muskie fishing with heavier wire and hooks then the usual Rockstar Lures. And for your viewing pleasure, more colourful paint jobs! To order custom made Rockstar Lures, contact me at [email protected]

  • Patterns

    The patterns and colour combinations are virtually unlimited, here are a few examples!

  • New For 2010!

    So things haven’t changed much here at Rockstar HQ in 2009. I’ve made and sold more lures this year then any previous year and hear a lot of positive feedback. I’ve been testing out a few new lure style that will be part of the 2010 lineup, and here they are – new blade shapes …